In 2014 Thomas Giella started Gear Spinners LLC, a marketing development company for Small and Medium Businesses, all while working another full-time job. Gear Spinners was accepted into the SmartStart Incubators program later that year, graduating from the program 2-years later. Bringing on Charlie Bourne, Gear Spinners was able to enter the I.T. field for there ever growing clients.

In 2016-2017, Gear Spinners had matured into a full service I.T. company office computer repair, network installations, and break fix services to fill the gap in Wesley Chapel.

By 2018, Gear Spinners now had the DBA Complete I.T. and had included services such as Access Control Systems, Camera Systems, and Office MSP services. With nearly 1,000 clients in 2019, it is our goal to continue our growth trajectory into the years to come.